Sometimes a job just finds you. I never really planned to be a photographer. I just liked to take pictures. (There's a difference) But somehow, opportunities kept putting a camera in my hands. Thirteen years later, I have photographed over 300 weddings in two countries, 11 states and captured images of hundreds of seniors, and made countless friends and memories.  

I am a wife, mother of four crazy kids and a cat. I love music, Donald Draper, cooking and Jesus. I'm incredibly blessed to call this my job and lucky every day that people choose me to share in their lives.

Me and my sweet husband!

Me and my sweet husband!

Past President of the South Dakota Professional Photographers Association
Fuji Wedding Award Winner

Wedding Photojournalist Association Awards

9th Place - Ceremony
5th Place - Ceremony
10th Place - Creative Portraits
 2nd Place - Engagement Portraits
7th Place - Ceremony
7th Place - Portrait of Bride & Groom
7th Place - Transportation